Dark Room Grow Tent Vs. Homemade Grow Room

For hydroponic enthusiasts who do all their gardening indoors, a grow room is a good investment. It allows the grower to provide the exact growing conditions that plants need. Grow rooms can either be made at home or bought from a hydroponics store, for example, the Dark Room grow tent. Before you decide to go for a homemade grow tent or a readymade one, here’s what you should know:

Homemade Grow Room

For a homemade grow room, you are responsible for seeing to every aspect of your growing space, especially lighting and ventilation. Homemade grow rooms are designed to use natural sunlight, artificial lighting, or a combination of both types.

If you prefer artificial lighting for your homemade grow room, choose between high intensity discharge lamps or fluorescent lamps. High intensity discharge lamps, in the form of high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lamps, generate the most light. However, they also produce large amounts of heat. On the other hand, traditional and compact fluorescent lamps have a lesser heat output, making these a better option for seedlings and young plants.

Ventilation: Growing plants in an enclosed space brings with it ventilation concerns. Not only do you have to make sure there is adequate air circulation for plants in your homemade grow room but also you have to find a way to disperse the excess heat generated by your lighting system. The best way to take care of this is to install a ventilation fan or blower.

Dark Room Grow Tent

Dark Room grow tents have been specially designed and tested to cater to all your grow room needs. These grow room tents save your time, energy, and the hassle of trying to see which growth conditions work for your plants.

Dark Room grow tents are convenient due to their easy assembly, portable carry bag, and sturdy yet lightweight structure. They are constructed of a highly reflective material like Mylar, which improves lighting performance of the grow tent by reflecting up to 97% of light produced. A Dark Room grow tent comes equipped with inlets and outlets for all necessary cables, lights, irrigation accessories, and ventilation chambers. Components within the tent can be shifted as needed thanks to the movable cross members in the frame of the roof.

While Dark Room grow tents are a bigger investment than a homemade grow room, their convenience and enhanced performance make them the preferred choice for most hydroponic gardeners.


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